MSK's Caste Conspiracy on Ambati Rayudu?

Fri 19th Apr 2019 05:24 PM

MSK's Caste Ploy on Ambati Rayudu?

Ambati Rayudu
Ambati Rayudu
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As we all know, Ambati Rayudu is the most talented Telugu cricketer. When Rayudu was not selected in Indian squad, everyone was shocked in astonishment. In spite of having 47% average as a batsman in one day cricket, he was not roped in world cup Indian cricket team. 

According to some sources, there was a caste conspiracy involved in the issue.

MSK Prasad, who became one of the members of selection committee, is said to have been the reason for Ambati Rayudu not being selected in Indian team. It's also alleged that Ambati Rayudu had to leave Hyderabad Ranji team some time ago due to MSK Prasad's caste politics. 

MSK was actually roped in to the selection committee's member with the recommendation of caste based former BJP's leader Venk*** Nai**.

MSK belongs one particular caste which is dominated by most of the top leaders in TDP. It is said that CBN gave 5 acres to MSK in Amaravati. Long back, MSK got 5 acres in Hyderabad from then TDP government in 2002 for cricket academy. Until now, he hasn't founded cricket academy in Hyderabad. 

Ambati Rayudu's admirers are appealing MSK to shed his caste bias. 

Meanwhile, BCCI understood that conspiracy of MSK and roped in Ambati Rayudu as a stand by player.

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