Jersey Better Than Lagaan!

Thu 18th Apr 2019 02:56 PM

Nani Jersey Interview

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Natural Star Nani is all set to entertain with his upcoming sports drama Jersey releasing on April 19th. Expressing super confidence about the film's success at the box office, Nani came up with a shocking and sensational claim that Jersey is better than Lagaan. Movie lovers cannot forget Mr Perfectionist Amir Khan's Lagaan which even got shortlisted for the Best Foreign Film category for the prestigious Oscars.

Here are Nani's shocking revelations: 

Is Jersey a biopic about cricketer Raman Lamba?

People are under the impression that it is a biopic on Raman Lamba seeing the film promos. I am unaware whether Raman Lamba returned to the Indian team after finding himself out. However this is a fiction. Since it is cricket story, we didn’t name it as Jersey. There is a strong reason behind it. I decided to do the film after hearing the climax dialogues narration. 

Did you play cricket in childhood?

I used to play gully cricket. I played only near my house surroundings and next compound. I was in the school team but used to play only when everyone got out or someone got injured. I was a batsman in the school team. 

Did your bonding with cricket increase after this film?

I understood what cricket is completely. Earlier I used to think that cricket is just picking the bat and hitting sixes and fours. After this film I came to know even the minute things like body language of a cricketer. Earlier, I used to turn channels when cricket used to come. Now, I started watching cricket matches.

Did you train for your role?

I got trained in the prestigious Daniel Academy in Hyderabad. Coach Daniel came to the shooting spot along with us and gave his suggestions

Name of your son Arjun for your character and your name for your son's character in the film, was this your decision?

When director Gowtham came to narrate the story, he started saying Arjun and Nani and later stopped in the middle and said 'You may be under the impression that I penned the story keeping you in mind. But I had those names in mind when I wrote the story.’ 

On the risk in his role as a dad

There is no risk involved. I worked hard to bring in variation and enjoyed a lot. If I have to star as a grandfather, as per the story, I am ready to do using prosthetic makeup. 

On sports based entertainer?

We cannot savor sports based films in our country just like sports. Even when we watched a film like Lagaan, we never experienced watching a match in the stadium. Though some sports related scenes are there in our films, hero will be shown entering the scene, completing the match etc. Jersey is better than all of them and it gives a feeling to viewers that they are watching a live match in the stadium. This will inspire many filmmakers to come with similar films.

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