I’ll Scold Chay In That Case: Sam

Mon 15th Apr 2019 05:10 PM

Samantha Majili Interview

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Samantha ever since her entry into films has been mesmerizing with her expressions and emotions on screen. The actress who married her Ye Maya Chesave co-star Naga Chaitanya after falling in love, speaking to scribes drives home the point that life is different before and after marriage.

Sams and Chaitu after their marriage, tasted their first romantic hit on screen, with Majili just like how they fell in love when they first romanced each other on screen in Ye Maya Chesave. She says, “After marriage, I am at peace of mind. Before marriage I used to monitor each scene I did. I use to examine myself whether I did the scene well. After marriage, I am now monitoring the scenes my husband Naga Chaitanya is doing and am giving suggestions where ever I feel required. Seeing this many say, ‘why are you working so hard, anyway directors are there to look after that. Even then I will not keep quiet. It is the responsibility of a wife to think about husband. We reached an understanding after marriage. We are celebrities and we have a responsibility. Fans have lot of expectations and to fulfill them we have to come together and star in good films.

Majili happened in that manner. My wish is to star in such different genre entertainers. There is lot of difference between real and reel life. If Naga Chaitanya performs well in a scene I praise him. If he doesn’t do, I will scold him. If I sign a film, under no circumstances I will not meddle in the story. If I do not like the story, I will not do even if they make numerous changes. My concentration and interest on films increased after marriage. I feel it is better to star in one good film rather than do five films simultaneously. There are lots of trolls on me online. I stopped bothering about them.

I was criticized for my role in Super Deluxe. I did the role of a girl with independent thoughts and many criticized it. While acting it is part of my profession to touch a co star, kiss or do intimate scenes. I will not get emotional in real life. However I did a contrasting role in Majili. In few scenes I cried without glycerin. Currently heroines are getting performances oriented roles and it is a good sign. I am doing films continuously and if I take a break, people spread rumors that I am not getting offers.

I wish to star as a sportswoman. Similarly I wish to star as a specially-abled person. Currently I am starring in Oh Baby Enta Sakkagunnave, 96 remake and also doing an extended cameo in Nagarjuna’s Manmadhudu 2.”

Sam also made it clear that, she will work again with Chay, if only script is remarkable.

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