Vijay Sai Cheap Audio Leak Strategy Busted

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Vijay Sai Audio Leak Strategy Busted

Vijay Sai Audio Leak Strategy Turns Futile
Vijay Sai Audio Leak Strategy Turns Futile

It seems YSRCP's heads YS Jagan and Vijaya Sai Reddy are frustrating about poll verdict which prompt them scripting futile political strategies. One of such strategies has been busted on Saturday. 

As per the strategy, Vijay Sai intentionally sent his 11 minute audio message to a TV channel which is intended to create awareness and enlightenment to YSRCP activists on various issues.



* Surveys say an earth shattering victory of YSRCP. But then, YCP loyalists should not be over confident on surveys.

* Chandrababu is the most cruel politician in India. He had the best practice in the process of electioneering. He distributes huge money to voters during elections.

* CBN allied with the BJP for 4.5 years and had got all the benefits from the centre. 

* CBN may touch Pawan Kalyan's feet again to form government. 

* Why had Modi transferred national project Polavaram to state government? 

* Why Modi is still favouring CBN? Why is Modi still troubling Jagan in court cases? 

* If Jagan loses these elections, the party gets disappeared


* YSRCP is being severely criticised for the secret alliance with the BJP. All the top bureaucrats of AP were recently transferred by EC as per the orders of BJP to pave the way for YSRCP for better electioneering. Since, a section of people were disgusted with YCP and BJP's tie up, Vijay Sai intentionally castigated BJP. Of course, this itself is th joint ploy of YCP and BJP.

* All those surveys which assert YSRCP's victory are fake and incomplete as they didn't even mention the existance of Janasena.

* YSRCP distributes more money than TDP to voters.

* Vijay Sai intentionally mentioned CBN's name repeatedly as if TDP was the only rival party of YSRCP. But then, Vijay Sai clearly knows the fact that TDP is a sinking ship and Janasena turned out to be the nightmare for YSRCP. Vijay Sai's mention of CBN's name is only to mislead people.

* However, Vijay Sai humbly admitted one fact. If at all YSRCP loses the election battle, the party will get disappeared in AP's politics.