Shock: Narsapuram YCP Contestant a TDP Covert?

Wed 03rd Apr 2019 08:37 PM

Narsapuram YCP Contestant a TDP Covert?

Raghurama Krishnamraju a TDP Covert?
Raghurama Krishnamraju a TDP Covert?

Until a couple of days ago, no one knew the name of Raghurama Krishnamraju who recently was given Narsapuram constituency's MP ticket by YSRCP. But then, all of a sudden, the MP contestant occupied news headlines with his strange acts which threw suspicions if TDP had indulged in any ploy against YSRCP in the constituency. 

YSRCP , de facto, appeared to have committed a blunder giving him the ticket who, hitherto, faced allegations to have involved in Bheemavaram Co-operative Bank's closure scam. 


In the meanwhile, Raghurama Krishnamraju spoke to some cine fans with his body was merely shaking as if he had just taken liquor. The video has gone viral and RK Raju's status stooped to the level of an abyss. 

Notwithstanding he released a special warning in which he intensely warned particular caste's people who in maximum number in Godavari districts. 

Having gone through, Raghurama Krishnamraju's psychopathic acts, YSRCP's activists are suspecting that if TDP sent him to YCP as a covert. YS Jagan is hoped to take a stringent action so that Raghurama Krishnamraju's behvaviour could set right.