Psephologists Laugh at Pro Jagan Surveys!

Wed 03rd Apr 2019 06:49 PM

Why Psephologists Laugh at Pro YS Jagan Surveys?

Psephologists Laughing at YS Jagan Fake Surveys
Psephologists Laughing at YS Jagan Fake Surveys
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It is a known news that YSRCP's head Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy addicted to political surveys which showcase abnormal victory of YSRCP in the elections. While rival parties are alleging that Ys Jagan is giving money to fake psephologists and various media houses, genuine psephologists are laughing at Ys Jagan's frenzy on paid surveys and the strange numbers being submitted by some psephologists who make surveys for taking money from political parties. Genuine psephologists laughed at fake surveys that showcased Ys Jagan's sweep due to following reasons.

* As per the directions received from Ys Jagan, the psephologists claim YCP would win 120 to 130 MLA seats while TDP would get 45 to 50 seats. 

* Strangely, these fake psephologists, ignore the third force Janasena merely and assert that the party would hardly get one or two seats. 

* In fact, Megastar Chiranjeevi led PRP got 24% vote share in 2009 (in AP excluding Telangana). As a matter of fact, Janasena is much stronger than PRP on many parameters. However, fake psephologists awarded just 5% to 8% vote share to Janasena. 

* Fake psephologists have great respect on TDP irrespective of their financially related loyalties to YSRCP. That's why, they envisage 45 MLA seats to TDP. Genuine psephologists proclaimed that TDP can't even get half of the MLA seats as showcased by fake psephologists. 

* Fake psephologists say their previous surveys like TRS victory in 2018 elections were proved right. In fact, even an infant child can also predict the same result.

BOTTOM LINE: Considering the above factors, it is understood that nobody is in a position to believe in fake surveys.

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