Nagababu's Opponent Link with Ranga's Murder

Wed 27th Mar 2019 08:09 PM

Chegondi Reveals Nagababu Opponent Link with Ranga's Murder

Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah's Letter
Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah's Letter

Senior politician and former MP Chegondi Hariramajogaiah wrote a sensational open letter in which he divulged the link between late Vangaveeti Ranga's murder and Narasapuram MP contestant Raghurama Krishnamraju.

"The history of Raghurama Krishnamraju alias Cockfights Raju should be known to everyone. He is merely a businessman and is contesting in the elections to save his business ventures. Currently, his properties are being auctioned and to get bailed out of this problem he is contesting in elections. He sorts out legal issues at Supreme court to get permissions to cockfights. 


I have already disclosed that Chandrababu Naidu involved in Vangaveeti Ranga's murder. Apart from CBN, Series Subbaraju also involved in Ranga's murder. And this fact was revealed by me in my autobiography. Raghurama Krishnamraju is the son of series Subbaraju's daughter. The voters need to think twice if they would cast vote for such person who has criminal backdrop," writes Chegondi.

It is a known news that mega brother Nagababu is contesting as MP candidate from Narasapuram constituency.