TDP's Caste Bias Revealed with 126 MLA Seats

Fri 15th Mar 2019 04:18 PM

TDP's Caste Bias Proved with First List of MLA Candidates

TDP's Caste Bias Revealed
TDP's Caste Bias Revealed
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Critics always keep on taking potshots at Tdp for its caste bias. And the recorded evidence of the party's caste bias has been divulged by critics now. As we know, Tdp announced the first list of MLA contestants that includes the names of 126 MLA candidates. Check out the following analysis on Tdp's caste bias. 

* There are 5% Kamma caste voters in the state. But then Tdp offered MLA tickets to 32 Kamma contestants which means 25% tickets were allocated to Kamma candidates.

* There are 50% BC voters in AP state. But then, they were given just 31 MLA seats.

* Kapu's population in AP gets 30%. However, they were given just 17 MLA tickets.

* SCs were given 18 tickets. Their percentage of population is 18%.

* Muslims got just 2 MLA tickets.

* Brahmins have been offered no seats.

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