Yellow Media Bans JSP! Should Pawan Worry?

Wed 13th Mar 2019 08:28 PM

Jana Sainiks Need Not Worry on Yellow Media's Stand

Janasena No Worry on Yellow Media
Janasena No Worry on Yellow Media
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Did you know? A top newspaper named 'Yellow Nadu' (name changed) excluded Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan's pic while reporting the news of EC's election schedule. All other top politicians pics at nation wide and state wide were published by the caste biased newspaper. In spite of being such an aged human being, the yellow party's head showed his casteist attitude. 

Did you know? A top merugaina caste samajam news channel merely avoided Janasena's public meets and the party's voice. Instead it broadcasts the programmes in such a way, as if there were only TDP and YCP in existence. 

And then, Did you also know, most other channels and newspapers are showing hatred on Janasean as they had a single point agenda of AP not to get ruled by any other caste people except Kamma and Reddy. 

Well, whether or not yellow media is right forms a different subject. Here what we are discussing is that if yellow media really makes any damage to Janasena. According to political analysts, yellow media is doing favour to Janasena showing hatred on the party. But how? Checkout following crucial points. 

* News channels and newspapers lost their values and ethics long back and people have also understood their stands. That's why social media is dominating the globe at the moment. Even then, readers keep reading newspapers while viewers keep watching yellow channels coz. they wish to get some regular news bulletins and to see the ugly side of yellow media. 

* Goebbels propaganda isn't trusted by people right now. Yellow media's Goebbels propaganda on Janasena turned super comedy at the moment. 

* Since TDP media is exploiting YCP's blunders and YCP's media is displaying TDP's administrative blunders and its corruption, Janasena is gaining advantage unintentionally. 

* Yellow media campaigned in Telangana for the the victory of TDP and Congress parties Maha Kootami. Finally, yellow media received a huge jolt with TRS' victory. Obviously, yellow media has now turned a laughing stock for viewers and readers. 

* According to internal survey reports of TDP, Janasena will win 56% votes while YSRCP's internal survey reports say 58% votes for Janasena. Yellow media was deeply threatened by both these surveys and are  conveniently avoiding Janasena news. Had they really have no confidence on Janasena's victory, they would have daringly published and broadcast Janasena's news.

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