Tollywood Reacts To Surgical Strike 2.0

Tue 26th Feb 2019 01:56 PM

Tollywood Celebrities shower praises on Indian Air Force

Tollywood Celebrities shower praises on Indian Air Force
Tollywood Celebrities shower praises on Indian Air Force
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Right after the dreaded terrorist attack which killed more than 40 CRPF Jawans in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir, entire country bayed for the blood of the Jaish E Mohamad terrorist group and the perpetrators Pakistan.

With days passing by, the nations anger increased further and opposition too started questioning the intent of the BJP led NDA government at the centre though PM Modi assured that he has given free hand for the Indian military establishment.

Entire nation woke up with joy and celebrated enthusiastically after they came to know that Indian Air Force punished Pakistan by conducting airstrikes early morning destroying the terror network of Jaish E Mohammad by entering into the heart of Pakistan. 

Right after the airstrikes, celebrities from all walks of life showered praises on Indian Air Force.Here are the expressions of the celebrities.

NTR: Our country gives a fitting reply. #IndiaStrikesBack . Salute to the Indian Air Force #JaiHind

Mahesh Babu: Extremely proud of our #IndianAirForce. Salutes to the brave pilots of IAF

Rajamouli: Salute to the #IndianAirForce. JAI HIND. #IndiaStrikesBack

Prabhas: Big Salute to our Indian Air Force. Jai Hind

Ram Charan: Proud of the Indian Air Force

Siddharth: #Pakistan has not the political unity, the military discipline or the economic strength to go to war against any country, leave alone #India. Stop protecting terrorists and murderers. The rest will write itself. Salute #IAF. Jai Hind.

Upasana Konidela: Proud of the Indian Air Force

Allu Sirish: Congrats to our Indian Air Force on the successful Balakot mission. Proud. #IndiaHitsBack

Samantha: No starting wars but ending it like. #IndianAirForce. #JaiHind

Kajal: India gives it back. A big salute to the brave heroes of our #IndianAirForce. Jai Hind. #IndiaStrikesBack

Kalyan Ram: #IndiaStrikesBack and how! It is time the world knows that we will not sit back. Hearty congratulations to the #IndianAirForce. #JaiHind

Pragya Jaiswal: This is the strategic strike back nation has been asking for..History made!! #IndiaStrikesBack

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