What Did This Hottie Do In The Hotel?

Sat 16th Feb 2019 01:32 PM

Tollywood Gossips: Heroine goes all out for offers

Tollywood Gossips
Tollywood Gossips

This Tollywood heroine is popular for her dusky and hot looks and sizzled red-hot opposite top Tollywood stars. However despite her glamour treat on screen, lady luck deserted her and she is left with no offers.

In the meantime scribes got surprised when she was recently seen in the lobby of a star hotel moving closely with few film celebrities. On snooping further, it came out that she came to meet a top director and is enjoying good time with him.

Sources say this dusky siren is going all out to impress him and get crazy offers as she desperately looking for a break. All those who are in the hotel had got shocked as she is making some hot moves for movie offers.