Top Actress Exposes Herself

Wed 06th Feb 2019 01:14 PM

Secret behind Kangana's rebellious mentality

Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut
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Bollywood Queen Kangana Ranaut is known for her bold and frank talk apart from her powerful performances on screen. She often lands in controversies and many accuse her of being insecure and so deny credit to others due for them.

Of late, Kangana's fight with Krish for Manikarnika credits is becoming the talking point. She informed that Krish suggested her to postpone the shoot as he got another big offer but she did not like it and so after lot of developments decided to take over the project. She added that Sonu Sood left the project as he was against growing beard for his role.

On allegations that she twisted the story, Kangana said Krish planned to turn Manikarnika into a revenge drama but after she took over, she felt it not right to show it in that manner and so changed the film's storyline. She added even though she changed the story, she showed only truths and never twisted the facts.

On her rebellious mentality she said, “The Rebellious seeds were sown in me due to my family atmosphere. My family used to discriminate a lot regards to girl child. I couldn't tolerate it. The discrimination which started in my family increased in Bollywood. For questioning that, I have been branded as a rebel. I have no regrets and I am happy for the recognition I got here."

Elaborating the reason behind discrimination in her family, Kangana said, “In our hilly region, birth of a girl child is seen as a sad moment. Since my parents already got a girl child, they expected a boy but I was born. Later to make them happy, my brother was born. Right after his birth, family members started discriminating me and sister. There is no use digging the past happenings."

On accusations from her ex boyfriend that she practices witchcraft and black magic, she affirmed, “It is better to ask him on his experience as he underwent the affect." 

In a stunning retort she said, "I need not do Bhajan of Khans and Kapoors for offers. I speak anything frankly and those who like me are doing films with me. If I am arrogant people won't have come forward to do films. I am not arrogant but self confidence. I cannot sacrifice self confidence like others for offers."

She added her sister Rangoli is behind her success and she likes her a lot as she faced acid attack at a very young age.

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