Nagababu Satire on Channel & Lokesh! ROFL!

Tue 05th Feb 2019 09:55 PM

Nagababu's Satire on Channel and Nara Lokesh

Nagababu's Satire on Channel and Nara Lokesh
Nagababu's Satire on Channel and Nara Lokesh
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Mega Brother Nagababu is simply unstoppable and vivacious in rupturing ruling and opposition parties blunders and their yellow media's biased standards. Mega brother exposed the comic side of reporting Nara Lokesh's World Economic Forum's tour in Davos held in the month of January. 

Nagababu showed the video clip of the news channel. As per the channel's report, Nara Lokesh met an 'Apara Kuberudu' (multi-millionaire) and the latter's words generated heat in spite of  -15 degrees temperature which existed then. It was due to Chandrababu's brand image, aforesaid Kuberudu wanted to invest Rs.5000 crores in AP for his business. But then, Modi, who was jealous of AP's development, asked the industrialist to shift his business proposals from AP to Gujarat. But the industrialist is quite adamant to get his business started in AP only. Meanwhile, 10 chefs, who also went to Davos cooked quite delicious food for the kuberudu and he was immensely impressed with the feast offered by Lokesh and team. 

Nagababu, however, made fun of many points presented by the channel. Checkout the following satires made by Nagababu.

* Re recording is excelllent. 

* Didn't Modi have no other job to concentrate to the core on AP's activities? 

* I heard that a Kia car was brought from Korea and was run in AP. But then, why this channel says the car was made in AP alone?

* Nagababu wondered why 'Apara Kuberudu's name was not revealed by the channel. 

* "If AP was developed to that extent, why CBN has been demanding on special category status," a question from Nagababu. 

* Furthermore Nagababu ridiculed channel's bhajana on CBN symbolically doing bhajana. Besides, he satirically, appreciated channel for its bhajana on CBN.

Click here for Nagababu's satire on channel and Lokesh:

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