NTR Biography Reveals His Greatness

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Former IAS officers reveal NTR's greatness

NTR Bool Launch
NTR Bool Launch

Natasimha Balakrishna's biopic on his dad NTR titled NTR Kathanayakudu turned out to be the biggest disaster in Tollywood. Now movie lovers lost interest on the film's second part Mahanayakudu.

In the midst of all this, two former IAS officers K Chandrahaas and Dr K Lakshmi Nayarana penned a 636 pages book in English showcasing the greatness of NTR titled 'NTR-A Biography'. Former Union Minister Ashoka Gajapathy Raju released the book and here are the excerpts from the book. 


Time Sense:

NTR was renowned for his time sense and punctuality. Not only he used to be punctual but he also expected others to be so. He never used to tolerate anyone without time sense. He cast KR Vijaya as Rukmini in Srikrishna Pandaveeyam. This happened to be her first film and she came late continuously for three days. On the fourth day NTR sent lawyer notice demanding compensation for the loss. Finally she relented and never came late to the shooting spot. 

Against Disruptions:

Jayalalithaa always longed that her guests get good treatment. When journalist BK Eswar sought her interview, Jayalalithaa who was shooting for Sri Krishna Satya at Vauhini Studios asked him to come there. Everyone knows that neither NTR nor KV Reddy entertain journalists on the sets. Jayalalithaa however was unaware of it. Production team refused permission to BK Eswar and Jayalalithaa felt it as an insult.

Though shot was ready, Jayalalithaa who was playing Satyabhama role didn’t come for the shoot. NTR became restless unaware of the situation. Production team went to him and told him the entire controversy. NTR who hates disruptions in the sets told, “He is the guest for madam. How can you stop him? First go and apologize to her and invite him with due respect". Jayalalithaa cooled down and came for the shooting. This was the only instance NTR set aside his rule and allowed a journalist on to the sets.

Leader of the Masses:

Jan 3,1983 was the last day for election campaigning. By 4PM campaigning should end. Former PM Indira Gandhi and NTR both planned meetings in Tirupati. Indira Gandhi came in Helicopter and had lunch at SV University and left for her meeting. She became extremely happy seeing the crowd swell for her meeting. Congress leaders worked hard to mobilize people for her meeting. 

However much to their disappointment, all of them left the venue after hearing NTR's arrival into the city and heading for the meeting. None heard her pleas that films and politics were different and they shouldn't trust cheats. 

People got mesmerized with NTR's words of 'Idi Telugu Prajala Atma Gowravam'. 

Man of Manners:

On Oct 5, 1984 NTR went to Delhi and met the then PM Indira Gandhi in her office. According to PC Alexander, NTR many a times thanked Indira Gandhi for the condolences she sent for his wife Basavatarakam's demise. She too treated NTR with lots of respect and in a friendly manner. When NTR told her about the acute drought in the state, she promised to visit AP as soon as possible.

Political Inspiration:

Rajiv Gandhi's government faced Bofors heat and the then President Jail Singh sought report about Bofors guns capability. However Rajiv Government sent a letter refusing to hand over the information citing President had no right to seek such report citing legal obligations. NTR reminded the then Finance Minister VP Singh telling that country stands ahead of party and told him not to forget his responsibility towards his country. He told Rajiv Government's answer to the President looked like the reply of an amateur lawyer to the Court.