Crazy Act: Naidu Buying 94 Lakh Votes Officially?

Sat 26th Jan 2019 06:45 AM

CBN to Buy 94 Lakhs Votes Officially?

CBN to Buy 94 Lakh Votes?
CBN to Buy 94 Lakh Votes?

Is TDP's chief Chandrababu Naidu buying 94 lakh votes in AP state officially for upcoming general elections? According to opposition parties and political observers the answer is 'yes'. 

Leaving a shocker to even beneficiaries, Naidu announced Rs.10000 each for every member among 94 lakh women who are included in DWCRA groups. 


Naidu held a meeting with DWCRA women on Friday and announced election sops to the women. Furthermore, he assured to give a smart phone each for every DWCRA member. On a whole, Naidu ensures the benefit worth Rs.15000 to every DWCRA member. 

Will the women fall for the unexpected gift from Cbn and would they cast their votes to TDP unanimously? "No way! Women are not that innocent simply taking money and cast their vote to TDP.  Numerous sections have been suffering with the government's unilateral administration for the past 4.5 years. Furthermore, they can understand the fact that the money being offered by Cbn is taken out neither from his pockets nor from party's fund. It's simply the people's money. TDP plans to indulge in more corruption for next five years as well," explains a political source.