VVR Joins Balakrishna List!

Sat 12th Jan 2019 04:44 PM

Fans shellshocked with VVR stunts

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Tollywood films used to have over the top stunts to elevate heroism. But such feats reached unbelievable peaks in Natasimha Balakrishna's action entertainers. During those days,directors used to include many illogical action scenes in Balakrishna's films to please masses.

Movie lovers still cannot forget how Balakrishna used to slap his thigh and send train back in Palnati Brahmanaidu, how he went opposite to train on bike on the train track in Vijayendra Varma, how he wore polythene covers to his legs and used them as parachutes to jump from a sky scraper in Chenna Kesava Reddy etc.

One can publish a book about Balakrishna's physics defying stunts in many films. Netizens used to mock Balakrishna coming with memes taking dig at his fans. When asked Balakrishna brushed it away saying though he to felt those were funny but went by the directors decisions.

Now Mega Fans are shocked to see similar scenes in Ram Charan's recent release Vinaya Vidheya Rama directed by Boyapati Srinu. People are worried, is Charan becoming next Balayya. 

Yes, Ram Charan's brother Prashant shares the location to his mobile from untraceable location in Bihar. Thankfully, Charan who is in Visakhapatnam airport becomes a superman, dives horizontally, breaks the window panes and then seen reaching Nepal border jumping on top of the train from a bridge and then riding horses to reach the location.

In one more scene, Charan was seen chopping off heads of goons. Two heads fly sky high and vultures catch them, flying away while Vivek Oberoi tries to shoot the vultures. 

Many say Balakrishna being a senior star gave consent to such scenes in the olden days going by the directors words but why Ram Charan hasn't used his judgement to refuse such scenes. They questioned where did Ram Charan's judgement skills disappear after scoring hits like Dhruva and Rangasthalam.

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