Is Renu Desai Unwell???

Sat 12th Jan 2019 10:32 AM

Rumors on Renu Desai's illhealth

Renu Desai
Renu Desai
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Fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan always admired Renu Desai, former wife

of their hero by regarding as 'Vadina'. It was only recently they locked horns with Renu after she decided to get married once again.

Recently Renu Desai released compilation of her poems as a book 'A Love -Un Conditional'. On personal front, she knows that all the interviews with her will stop at Pawan Kalyan and her kids Akira, Aadya. But never Renu stood away from limelight.

In latest, shocking rumours are spreading that Renu Desai is unwell for quite sometime. Buzz is recently a Tollywood producer contacted Renu Desai for the role of hero's mother in his upcoming entertainer. He felt that Renu Desai if stars in a Telugu film after a long time will

be added advantage for his project.

But Renu rejected the offer citing health issues.

She reportedly said of being unwell and is adviced rest for sometime, so couldn't take up the offer. 

These rumours are obviously shocking all because people know that 

Renu is such a good natured lady who would have given green signal for the role so as not

to hurt the feelings of producer. Apparently, she quoted health issues which is the matter of concern.

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