Online jealousy on Pawan Completes 16 Years

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Hatred on Pawan Kalyan for 16 Years

Gas News No Harm on Pawan Kalyan
Gas News No Harm on Pawan Kalyan

Undoubtedly Power Star Pawan Kalyan is the most lovable cine, political personality of Telugu states. Naturally, Power Star is hated by a good number of rivals as well. Especially, an English daily 'DB' (name changed) had kept on spilling venom on Pawan Kalyan until a few years ago. 

However, a few online media houses claimed they had got super seniority in showing their hatred and jealousy on mega family, especially Pawan Kalyan through their gas news. They said they have now got the seniority of 16 years in service of anti Pawan Kalyan's articles. 


Contrary to the hatred shown by gas articles, Pawan Kalyan kept on developing in all quarters of his life. Checkout Pawan Kalyan's enormous growth in 16 years. 

* Pawan Kalyan was just a super crazy young star then. However, he has taken retirement in Tollywood as a number one hero to play a key role in politics. 

* He has been successful in making his Janasena one of the biggest political parties of AP within a short time. 

* Power Star appeared a bit immature in his interviews in those days. But right now, he is being lauded as one of the intellectual politicians and as a very good orator.

MORAL (Neethi): Having consolidated crucial developments in the life of Pawna Kalyan, it's now understood that none of the 'gas' news harms the people who have valour, determination in achieving their goals, commitment, sincerity and honesty.