TDP, YCP Joint Ploy on JSP! Pawan Strategy

Wed 02nd Jan 2019 10:39 PM

TDP, YCP Joint Ploy on Janasena! Pawan Strategy

TDP and YCP Ploy on Janasena
TDP and YCP Ploy on Janasena

The day when Janasena chief proclaimed that the electioneering of the party had been kick started, strangely on the same day, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu told a shocking lie to the media so as to ensure pro TDP media would indulge in Goebbels propaganda. And the lie told by CBN to the media was that Janasena would go with TDP for forthcoming general elections. 

YCP leaders and Saakshi media have been alleging that Janasena and TDP would be allying for elections as they had been partners. In contrast, TDP's media and its leaders have been complaining that Janasena and YCP will be collaborating for the poll battle. 


Political enthusiasts and observers might have got nonplussed with TDP and YCP leaders linking Janasena with each others parties. 

A Janasena's sympathiser said TDP and YSRCP have mutual understanding between them for a valid reason. They want only two castes leaders would rule AP state. 

"Either your caste leaders or our caste leaders would only rule this state. People of all other castes such BCs, SCs and Kapus should not rule this state anyway," the Janasena activists revealed the polity of both TDP and YCP. 

"That's an ultimate policy of both the political parties. They never wish leaders of other castes would rule the state. Even arch rivals like TDP and YCP would form a tie up to make sure Janasena not to assume power," added the Janasena activist. 

However, Janasena chief has reportedly scripted an interesting strategy to checkmate rumours on Janasena-TDP  and Janasena-YCP's alliances. 

Reports say, some key leaders of TDP and YCP will join Janasena soon and it can form the fitting retort to TDP and YCP. Moreover, Pawan Kalyan is likely to intensify corruption allegations on TDP and YCP. Eventually, TDP and YCP will search for defence mechanism instead of spreading alliance rumours with Janasena.