KCR's Sensational Attack on CBN

Sat 29th Dec 2018 08:48 PM

KCR's Attack on CBN

KCR's Fumes at CBN
KCR's Fumes at CBN

Telangana Chief Minister Kcr breathed fire on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu more than like anything. Kcr specified many blunders of CBN and tore them apart furiously. Some of the excerpts of Kcr;s press conference. 

* CBN boasts him about he built Cyberabad. However, the foundation stone for it was laid by then Congress CM N Janardhan Reddy.


* CBN is crying on the division of high court. But then, he, himself, wrote to Supreme Court that he would let AP high court formed by December 15. 

* CBN can't speak Hindi and English fluently. He cannot play key role in national politics. 

* He (CBN) is blaming TRS that the party is against AP's special status. CBN must remember the fact that our leaders raised their voices in both houses of parliament. Moreover, I also will write a letter the centre on AP's special status.

* He allied with Modi for four years and right now, he gets a tip with Rahul. Gandhi for one more year. 

* You (CBN) are not a chief of TDP. The party belongs to NTR. You are just a manager of the party.

* CBN is the dirtiest politician of India.