Who’s Taller Than Rana, Varun Tej?

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Sankalp Reddy: Height factor decides his heroes

Sankalp Reddy
Sankalp Reddy

It is not clear whether few directors plan in such a manner or they follow success sentiment. Tollywood always gets drawn by sentiment. A young director is following sentiment without hogging the limelight. He is none other than Sankalp Reddy who created a sensation with Ghazi, which fetched him a national award. 

Sankalp Reddy recently attracted with his second film, a space thriller titled Antariksham 9000 KMPH which is attracting everyone giving them a different feel. A fun analysis is making rounds in social media that, Sankalp Reddy is making sure that his heroes should be more than six feet height. 


Rana who starred in Ghazi is 6ft 2 in and now Varun Tej who starred in Antariksham is 6ft 4 in. Equations hint that, if he tries to look for taller hero for his next, he should be around 6ft 5 in. 

None of the Tollywood heroes are taller than Varun Tej. Even Prabhas is just equal to Rana's height. Prabhas is 6 ft 2 in. If Sankalp Reddy follows his height logic, then he will face difficulties in finalizing heroines opposite them.

Currently, Sankalp Reddy is busy with Antariksham promotions and he will make announcement about his next film in New Year.

Who’s Taller Than Rana, Varun Tej? - CineJosh Updated on Sun 23rd Dec 2018 01:08 PM IST
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