CM Ramesh Deserves IT Raids, Because...

Fri 12th Oct 2018 07:29 PM

IT Raids on CM Ramesh Best Decision

IT Raids on CM Ramesh's Properties
IT Raids on CM Ramesh's Properties

The Income Tax Department of India is appreciated for its sensible decision of raiding some top politicians of AP recently. The IT personnel, who were around 60 in number, raided the house and other properties of TDP MP CM Ramsh on Friday morning. 

According to some detractors of Cm Ramesh IT department has taken a wise decision of raiding the properties of Cm Ramesh. Following are the reasons cited by Cm Ramesh's critics to defend their view.


* Cm Ramesh's Rithvik Agency was almost in a state of bankruptcy prior to May, 2014.However, the firm was offered contracts worth Rs.3658 crores by the TDP government. Following are some of the contracts enlisted.

* Kuppam branch contract...522 cr.

* Handri Neva phase 2...1000 cr.

* Hanrineeva expansion......195 cr.

* Handrineeva 34th package...234 cr.

* Galeru, Nagari project....350 cr.

* Veligonda tunnel...270 cr.

* Telugu Ganga lining...289 cr.

* Gunthakal branch canal...172 cr.

* RTPC 6th plant...400 cr.

* Gandikota project rehabilitation construction....106 cr.