NRI Films: High Risk, Low Profit

Fri 14th Sep 2018 11:45 AM

Telugu NRI Distributors Turning Producers

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Investments in the film industry will be highly profitable but they also involve scaring losses. Only when people get ready for a do or die battle, they can face all kind of situations with the strong heart.

In the recent past many distributors are turning producers. They are getting attracted as they have seen the makers making huge profits with their films by investing smartly with little risk. However the real twist is only a few who turned producers from distributors emerged successful. 

Only Mythri Movie Makers made their mark with hits like Srimanthudu, Janatha Garage, Rangasthalam and emerging as a strong competitor for top production houses. Even before Mythri Movie Makers, Tolly 2, Holly 14 Reels etc entered filmmaking. Though 14 Reels tasted success initially, of late it landed in huge disasters and after the shock of LIE, it is yet to recover from the losses. 

SRT Entertainments too landed in huge losses. Nirvana which produced Manu with huge expectations, landed in losses as the film turned out to be a disaster. SRT's earlier films Nela Ticket, Chuttalabbai turned out to be even bigger disasters. 

Under these circumstances, NRIs are now thinking many times before taking a plunge into film production. Except for Mythri, almost all of them have failure stories and NRIs got a new antonym (No Return on Investment). Many are now of the opinion the distribution is better than production.

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