Long Way To Go, Any Crazy Additions!

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Bigg Boss 2 becoming a failure show

bigg boss 2
Bigg boss 2

Bigg Boss season 2 hosted by Nani is not as successful as first season hosted by Jr Ntr. Anchoring skills of NTR, entertaining contestants, pleasurable tasks, relief in between with entry of guests and less number of episodes were the biggest positives for Bigg Boss 1. Above all, the reality show had become more interesting ever since Navdeep entered the house as wild card entry.

Coming to Bigg Boss 2, the show is not getting much response owing to many negatives including Nani’s poor anchoring skills. Unfortunately, none of the housemates are providing any entertainment. Even the wild card entrant Pooja Ramachandran is not amusing like Navdeep though she is performing tasks like an expert.


As days progressing, viewer base for Bigg Boss is diminishing. The reality show is just in the middle stages and still long way for finale. Thus, the management needs to do something crazy to bring back interest on the show. Will they bring another prominent person as wild card entry?