YS Jagan: List of Anti Kapu Acts

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YS Jagan's Anti Kapu Stand Exploited

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's Anti Kapu Acts
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's Anti Kapu Acts

Is YSRCP's head Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy taking monopolistic decisions even before assuming power? nor has he turned blind eye on his political strategists' advice? Having gone through some of the recent acts of YS Jagan it is understood that Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy turned extremely furious on some sections of people. Especially, his provoking acts on Kapus appear as if he is taking revenge on them with some valid reasons. Checkout the following anti Kapu acts of YS Jagan.

* While touring in Krishna district, YS Jagan assured people that he would change Krishna district's name as NTR district. Kapus then made a hue and cry and questioned YS Jagan why hadn't he preferred Vangaveeti Ranga's name. Yet, some people supported YS Jagan, as NTR being the legendary personality who had hailed from Krishna district. 


* While touring in West Godavari district, he assured Kshatriyas that he would rename the district as Alluri Seetharamaraju district. In fact, the district is completely dominated by Kapus in terms of their population. Yet, some people supported YS Jagan as Alluri was a great freedom fighter of the nation.

* And now, YS Jagan is touring East Godavari district. Obviously, Kapus expected if YS Jagan would announce any prominent Kapu personality's name as the new name for the district. But their assumptions went on vain. 

* Pathetically, YS Jagan made it clear that he wouldn't take up kapu reservations issue as the problem is under the jurisdiction of the centre. He made this statement in such an aggression as if he were much anger on Kapus. On the other hand, Kapus are posing straight question to YS Jagan that AP's special status issue should also be taken up by the centre. But then, why is he fighting for the cause is the question raised by Kapus. 

* YS Jagan recently made shocking remarks on Pawan Kalyan's personal life issues in such a way as if the latter was his rival in real life.

And last but not the least Jagan shattered his hopes on Kapu vote bank as he believed that Kapus would be with Power Star Pawan Kalyan for next general elections. He might have thought he could woo BC voters through his statement against Kapus. As per fact sheet, even BCs are worrying about YS Jagan's over the board aggressive attitude.