Pawan Confirms Chiru Political Stand

Sun 08th Jul 2018 10:24 PM IST

Pawan Kalyan speaks on Chiranjeevi's Politics

Pawan Kalyan Discloses Chiranjeevi's Political Stand
Pawan Kalyan Discloses Chiranjeevi's Political Stand

Megastar Chiranjeevi floated Prajarajyam Party in 2008 and contested in 2009's general elections. The party, however, failed to gain power. As we all know, Chiranjeevi merged his party into the Congress party and held the responsibilities of union minister. 

Ever Since Chiranjeevi made a comeback to Tollywood with Khaidi Number 150, he has been busy as a hero again. Right now, Megastar is shooting for Tollywood's prestigious magnum opus Sye Raa Narasimhareddy. 


Until a few months ago, Chiranjeevi's political fans thought the Megastar would be contesting in general elections, 2019 on behalf of the Congress party. 

However, speaking to a national media Pawan Kalyan disclosed Chiranjeevi's current stand on politics. Pawan Kalyan said Chiranjeevi had no plans to enter active politics and had dedicated his life for films. 

On the other hand, a big number of Chiranjeevi's fans are joining Janasena on Monday. Chiranjeevi Rashtra Yuvatha's founder president Swamy Naidu will play an active role in Janasena soon while Mega Brother Nagababu will be coordinating mega fans for joining Janasena.

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