Naa Nuvve Music Review: Outstanding

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Naa Nuvve Music Album's Report

Kalyan Ram's Naa Nuvve Audio Released
Kalyan Ram's Naa Nuvve Audio Released

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram's new film Naa Nuvve's music was launched on Sunday. The film which features milky beauty Tamannah as a female lead, has been directed by Jayendra and the music was scored by Sharreth. Let's see how well the songs were composed for this romantic flick.

Hey Hey ILU song is short and crispy and goes in a rap style. Tippu lent his vocals for the song. The musician experimented using common ringtones heard in cellphones. Anantha Sriram penned lyrics. A nice fast beat number.


Nijama Manasa is a romantic number penned by Ananth Sriram and the voices were lent by Yazin Nizar and MM Manasi. An okay romantic song.

Right Right Right has been composed as a super fast beat number which surely deserves rocking dancing steps from the protagonist who seems to be seen as a Taziwala in the song. The song was written by Ramajogayya Sastry while Tippu sang it. A good song.

Chiniki Chiniki is an outstanding melody and occupies number place in the album. Musician Sharreth, lyricist Ananth Sriram and singers Karthik and Sapthaparna competed themselves to ensure it as the best melody.

Premika is an emotional romantic song sung by musician Sharreth himself. His voice is quite apt for the emotion oozed out in the song sequence. Anantha Sriram penned the song again. 

Naa Nuvee title song is a slow and snoozing melody and it reminds Bollywood's romantic numbers. Expressions like 'Thadariponee kallanchullo Naa Nuvve' touch our hearts for sure. 

And lastly, Hey Hey ILU song is heard again but in female vocals lent by Rita. Ananth Sriram penned the lyrics. 

Analysis: Naa Nuvve is definitely a surprise package from emerging musician Sharreth. This album, itself, takes the expectations high on the film to many levels. Seemingly, it can be a musical hit from Kalyan Ram.

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