Five Reasons To Watch Naa Peru Surya

Thu 03rd May 2018 04:26 PM

Naa Peru Surya Is A Must Watch And Why

Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun

Stylish Star Allu Arjun’s most intense patriotic film Naa Peru Surya is gearing up for grand release on May 4th. The Vakkantham Vamsi directed film is carrying exceptional buzz and fans are happy with the decision of both the CM’s of Telugu states agreeing for five shows. The additional show will ensure to register earth0shattering numbers on day one.

Here are the five reasons why Naa Peru Surya is a must watch film:


1. Concept Of Patriotism:

It’s been long time since Telugu audience watched a perfect patriotic film. Naa Peru Surya is expected to gratify nationalistic movie lovers.

2. Allu Arjun:

Besides doing regular commercial films, Allu Arjun has also done few experimental films. But, Naa Peru Surya is completely different from his previous films. He went for complete changeover and playing the role of angry army man was biggest challenge for him.

3. International Touch:

Few International technicians worked for Naa Peru Surya. Popular Hollywood cinematographer Joseph Labisi worked to film the chartbuster number ‘Lover Also And Fighter Also’. The famous costume designer Ann Marie Hoang who designed costumes for many Hollywood pop singers like Jennifer Lopez has worked specially for this song.

4. Music:

Naa Peru Surya audio is currently topping the charts. The mass number ‘Iraga’ is expected to become sensation after the film’s release. Even the background scores are brilliant. The one in the film’s trailer has piqued everyone’s interest, too.

5. Action And Dances:

Like in Allu Arjun previous films, Naa Peru Surya too will have high intense action scenes. And Allu Arjun never disappointed when it comes to showcasing his dancing skills. While the dance moves in ‘Lover Also Fighter Also’ will be trendy, the mass dances in ‘Iraga’ will surely gratify mass audiences.