Why Coverts Get Mental Ill-Health?

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Coverts Suffering Mentally

Coverts Getting Mental Sickness
Coverts Getting Mental Sickness

One of the main reasons politics lost their ethics is due to the secret operations being made by the Coverts. A political party's activist joining another party and conveys the most confidential issues to their mother party is primarily the job of Coverts

However, according to psychiatrists, most of these Coverts are suffering from mental ill-health and psychological disorders. They have cited following reasons for the mental imbalance of Coverts.


* Coverts usually get guilty conscious that they are doing a great sin. 

* Even if they go to temples and offer prayers to the gods, they get ashamed in front of the gods as their conscience clearly says they are the culprits. 

* A covert, who spoiled a political party's strategies, during 2009's general elections, has recently got his travel business bankrupted. Inside reports said this man is currently in a state of immense frustration.

* Another covert from the same political party is currently playing the role of a strategist in the ruling party of AP. But then, the actual reason he is not seen in media is that he feels himself a blameworthy, guilt-ridden and shamefaced. 

BOTTOM LINE: It might be a common practice that political parties encouraging covert operations. But then the heads of the parties should realise the fact that they are damaging the lives of worthy politicians making them Coverts. Hence, they should stop doing covert operations.