Ram Charan: A Perfect Mega Successor

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Ram Charan An Ajatha Shatruvu

Ram Charan the Mega Successor
Ram Charan the Mega Successor

Megastar Chiranjeevi has been ruling Tollywood for three and half decades. While Megastar was ruling the roost as an ultimate hero, Power Star Took the cue from him emerged as an youth icon and was equally adored as the number hero in addition to Chiranjeevi.

However, as Power Star left cine industry to play a crucial role in AP politics, a sudden vacuum appeared to have formed within mega family. But then, it was just a little disturbance among fans as they have two more superstars from mega family in the forms of Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Stylish Star Allu Arjun. Both the heroes appear to be true mega successors. 


Mega Power Star acquired all the great qualities of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan and has proved, himself, the mega successor. Following are some of the impressing qualities of Ram Charan.

* Ram Charan has no rivals in the industry. Most of the top heroes are good friends of his. Prince Mahesh Babu always loves Ram Charan the most. Young Tiger NTR and Ram Charan are not only just working together, but also have been good friends for ages. Rana and Sharwanand are the close buddies of Charan while Young Rebel Star Prabhas, Manchu Manoj and many others have good friendly terms among them.

* It was a proven fact that Mega Power Star stands front runner in helping the needy providing food, water and shelter to them during natural calamities. In most of the times his reaction was much faster than even Megastar and Power Star in serving the victims of calamities. 

* His down to earth nature is often being lauded by industry people.

* He is media friendly as well.

* Coming to his career and successes, Ram Charan is one among the few heroes of Tollywood to have high success rate. He broke all records of cine industry with his second film Magadheera. In spite of poor content, many other films of Ram Charan stood as hits and super hits which betokened the box office stamina of Ram Charan.

* Ram Charan's new film Rangasthalam is hitting screens on March 30. He is being showered with praises for his unique characterization and makeover in the film from film's team. Let's hope, the movie would be made as a blockbuster to ensure the best birthday gift given for Ram Charan.