TDP Prepares Janasena Manifesto? Highlights!

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Janasena's Manifesto Prepared by TDP?

Janasena Manifesto Prepared?
Janasena Manifesto Prepared?

Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan is yet to disclose his party's ideology officially. In a recent public meet Power Star divulged that the party's manifesto would be released on March 30. According to a buzz from political circles, the ruling TDP has taken all the care and precautions in preparing Janasena's manifesto and would be pesented the same to Power Star to get it disclosed to people. Following are buzzed to be highlights of Janasena manifesto.

* Janasena's prime task is to question YSR Congress party in AP and and the Congress party at the centre. 


* Janasena's route map for political tours will be designed based on the tour schedules of YSRCP. Accordingly, Pawan Kalyan has toured Ananthapur district post YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's tour. 

* Janasena will surely fight for people's issues and get them solved negotiating with TDP's leaders. Meanwhile, the issues, will be given by TDP, itself, and gives the colour that Janasena chief, himself, achieved the victory. 

* Janasena will never trouble TDP's head and its leaders raising issues like AP's special status, Allocation of funds to Polavaram project, jobs to unemployed, loan waiver to farmers, caste biased issues in Amaravati and ignoring the development of other backward areas, 

* Janasena chief won't talk about his caste. However, he aims at his caste people would vote for TDP or Janasena

Meanwhile, TDP directed pro TDP newspapers and TV channels to give a wide coverage on Janasena political tours and Power Star's speeches. TDP is currently planning to offer 25 MLA tickets and 3 MP tickets for Janasena. However, the number maybe increased a little based on the performance of Janasena chief in upcoming days.