Egg Attackers Rocking Counters to Kathi

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Pawan Kalyan's Fans Wonderful Counters to Kathi

Kathi Mahesh Shocked with Egg Attackers Counters
Kathi Mahesh Shocked with Egg Attackers Counters

Here is an unexpected twist from egg attacking issue on Kathi Mahesh. Two egg attackers Satish and Nani appeared in a top TV news channel and discussed the issue. Having seen them in the studio, Kathi also joined them. Wonder what both the fans of Power Star have countered extraordinarily to Kathi on every issue. Dumbstruck by their argument, Kathi literally failed to get himself defended. Here are of some of the excerpts of Power Star's fans' counters.

* You don't know who the egg attackers are. But then, how did you lodge SC atrocity case? 


* The issue was started by you. And then, it should be ended by you only. Pawan Kalyan will no way involve in it.

* Don't bring caste factors on the issue. I am a Dalit. (one of the fans)

* Why did you provoke Osmania University students on caste grounds?

* Not only you, we are also common men.

* You have always been reckoning that you were hurt. In reality, it was because of you innumerable fans were hurt. Do you think only you have feelings and don't we have them?

* You've always been arguing that Pawan Kalyan's fans are indulging in attacks. However, OU students burnt Power Star's effigy today. Aren't you responsible for it?

* If at all you tender apologies to Pawan Kalyan, we'll stop targeting you. 

Having understood the domination of Pawan Kalyan's fans, the channel suddenly stopped them giving more chances to speak and gave more chances to Kathi to deliver same old boring rodda kottudu defence. All in all, Kathi immensely faced the heat of Power Star's fans in the interview.

Egg Attackers Rocking Counters to Kathi - CineJosh Updated on Fri 19th Jan 2018 05:25 PM IST
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