Poonam Brother Serious Retort to Kathi

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Poonam Kaur's Brother to File Complaint on Kathi's Allegations!

Poonam Kaur's Brother Fitting Retort to Kathi
Poonam Kaur's Brother Fitting Retort to Kathi

It is a known news that controversial critic Mahesh Kathi made serious allegation on film actress and AP handloom brand ambassador Poonam Kaur. He posed six questions to Poonam which were felt atrocious by Poonam and her fans. In the meanwhile, Poonam's brother Shyam Singh has reacted on Kathi's allegations and has answered each and every question. Finally, he warned Mahesh Kathi that he would lodge complaint against the former. Following are the questions of Kathi and Shyam's answers for them.

* Who held responsible you becoming AP Handlooms Brand Ambassador?


A. Poonam studied at NIFT and is a fashion designer. She has been touring across the globe on handloom for three years. Having recognized Poonam's skills, Chandrababu Naidu,himself, offered the post of brand ambassador for AP handlooms to her. 

* Why did you offer pooja in Tirumala with same gothram of Pawan Kalyan?

A. Whenever, Poonam visits Tirupathi, our family travels with her. Pawan Kalyan was never with us.

* After you were cheated by Pawan Kalyan, who saved you? In which hospital were you admitted and who paid your bills?

A. This is a serious allegation. If we put a complaint on it, Kathi will go to jail. We'll go to court of law and we've all rights to file a complaint.

* What promise did Pawan Kalyan make to your mother and has he fulfilled it?

A. Never ever has he visited my mother and made any promise. 

* Why do you hate director Trivikram?

A. Why should she be angry on him? Offers may come and go. But there could have no issues to hate him.

* When Kshudra Pooja was being performed by Narsing in the presence of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram, what were you doing?

A. This is merely trash. I think Mahesh Kathi has some psychological problems. Whatever the allegations made by him, there had been no proofs on it.