Kathi Damaging Questions to Poonam

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Mahesh Kathi's Shocking Questions to Poonam Kaur

Kathi Mahesh's Six Questions to Poonam Kaur
Kathi Mahesh's Six Questions to Poonam Kaur

Film critic Kathi Mahesh has gone recrementitious messing up with Power Star Pawan Kalyan's fans. The situation turned rampageous as Kathi Mahesh has continuously been appearing in TV channels for the past three days and is indulging in severe criticisms on Pawan Kalyan and his fans. Too many abusive tweets have also been posted by him against Power Star. He is calling Pawan Kalyan as 'Pirikipanda' in media interviews.

And today, Kathi has gone to next level in posing controversial questions to heroine Poonam Kaur which appeared to have assassinated her character. Following are the questions of Kathi to Poonam.


* Who held responsible you becoming AP Handlooms Brand Ambassador?

* Why did you offer pooja in Tirumala with same gothram of Pawan Kalyan?

* After you were cheated by Pawan Kalyan, who saved you? In which hospital were you admitted and who paid your bills?

* What promise did Pawan Kalyan make to your mother and has he fulfilled it?

* Why do you hate director Trivikram?

* When Kshudra Pooja was being performed by Narsing in the presence of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram, what were you doing?

Of late, many acts like Nirbhaya and others came into force in favour of women to protect their rights and self esteem. It is secondary if there is truth or false in Kathi's allegations on Poonam. But then,the way he tried to target Poonam's character was really shocking. It remains to be seen what strategy does Poonam Kaur take to confront Kathi. Whether she will proceed legally or does she prefer other means to face him is known only in near future. Meanwhile, Movie Artists Association's member Venu Madhav said they would not spare anyone who damage the characters of cine industry's women.