Sexual Harassment Is Misunderstood: Kangana

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Kangana Ranaut on sexual harassment

Bollywood Heroine Kangana Ranaut
Bollywood Heroine Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood queen Kangana Ranaut is renowned not only for her bold and beautiful performances but also for her openly frank statements. We all know, she became popular with bold views on feminism and shared thoughts on sexual harassment in the wake of top actresses coming out sharing their horrifying experiences of casting couch. 

In this context, Kangna said sexual harassment is often the most misunderstood term in country. 'Even if a woman speaks about sexual harassment from her deathbed, she should be heard with empathy and compassion. People should get way with the mindset of putting the onus on the behavior of the sexual offender. Sexual harassment is often misunderstood by many as consensual sex,' said Kangana Ranaut

Whatsoever, women like Kangana Ranaut are making waves in film market and serving an inspiration for many more in the industry to be courageous. She is currently starring in Manikarnika, The Queen of Jhansi which is progressing at brisk pace in the direction of Krish.