Akhil's HelloTrailer Review

Fri 01st Dec 2017 08:10 PM

Hello Theatrical Trailer Report

Akhil's Hello Theatrical Trailer Released
Akhil's Hello Theatrical Trailer Released
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Akkineni Akhil's forthcoming film Hello theatrical trailer was released by the makers this evening. The team didn't hesitate revealing the story in a nutshell. 

The two minute trailer starts with background voice of King Nagarjuna who narrates the childhood love of Seenu. The little boy gets inclined to the little girl whom he considers his soulmate after she takes a leave of him. 

The grown up Seenu is called as Avinash and is brought up by Jagapathy Babu and Ramyakrishna. Here comes the twist on one day. Avinash finds his soulmate and eventually he gets indulged in wild adventures facing goons and doing stunts to win his love. 

In a broader sense, the story line appears to be an age old concept. However, real twist comes in the film when all the sequences of events take place in just one day. Hero is seen in single pair of costumes in all scenes. Moreover, hero's cellphone happens to be the turning point in the story. 

Akhil looks cool and subtle at his performance. He is as usually seen as a dare devil at action sequences. Heroine Kalyani appears not that appealing. Anup's use of violin in BGM is good. 

Annapurna Studios production values are outstanding and gives Hollywood touch in action sequences. Cinematography of PS Vinod was exemplary. 

And last but not the least, team Hello throws a satire on recent biased Nandi awards with the words which are read as, "From the makers of Manam to which you awarded your hearts".

Click here for Akhil trailer:

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