Bharateeyudu 2 is Not Taking Off

Sat 14th Oct 2017 12:27 PM IST

Dil Raju Kamal Hassan Shankar combo Bharateeyudu 2 shelved

Shankar, Kamal Hassan and Dil Raju
Shankar, Kamal Hassan and Dil Raju

We all are aware that Bharateeyudu 2 in the combination of Dil Raju, Kamal Hassan and Shankar was announced recently.

Thought the project created a stir among trade circles, it raised several eyebrows on Dil Raju bank rolling the project.


Dil Raju is a producer who is known to play safe with his projects. He gets involved in all the aspects of movie making and make sure that he is not just a cashier. In fact, this is how he evolved as a successful producer.

When this humongous project was announced, everyone had one question in mind. Will Dil Raju take such a huge risk? Just like what everyone was thinking, it looks like even Dil Raju realized this and the news coming out from reliable sources is that Dil Raju is backing out of this project.

Inside sources reveal that Dil Raju has come up with the budget plan and felt it to be a huge risk. The remuneration of Shankar and Kamal Hassan itself is touching 115 Cr. Even A.M.Rathnam, the producer of the original Bharateeyudu seems to have asked for 25 Cr as royalty amount.

With just these three remuneration touching the 140 cr mark, it will at least take another 300 cr to make the movie as it is directed by Shankar.

So overall, it will be more than 400 Cr investment for a movie on an actor who is actively planning to get into politics on one end and a director who takes his own time to complete a movie.

Though an official announcement is yet to come, everyone opine that it is really safe for Dil Raju to come out of this project and continue with what he is currently doing.

Bharateeyudu 2 is Not Taking Off - CineJosh Updated on Sat 14th Oct 2017 12:27 PM IST
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