Targeting TFI: TRS Historical Blunder!

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Targeting TFI a Big Blunder by TRS!

TRS Government's Huge Blunder!
TRS Government's Huge Blunder!

Has Telangana government committed a historical blunder which would lead to irrecoverable loss to the Trs party? According to political analysts the answer is 'yes'. As we know, drug racket in Hyderabad has turned out to be the burning issue at the moment. 

Latterly, drug racket in some of the international schools and other educational institutions in Hyderabad was busted. Afterwards, excise officials suspected a couple of Tollywood's celebs and sons of some of the politicians have also involved in drug mafia. 


The Trs government might have worried if the drugs racket issue is taken advantage by oppositions. As a result, Trs asked the excise officials to intensify the investigation on drug mafia. It was also rumoured that Trs has deliberately, ordered excise department to target Tollywood's celebs to divert the attention of people from Miyapur land scam. 

Pathetically, excise department has gone overboard targeting only Tollywood's celebs. Especially, a key person in the department was alleged to have gone overenthusiastic seeking media's attention and identity crisis. 

Congress party's leader Raghunandan Rao questioned that why hadn't the educational institutions been issued notices by the department. He further added the students who consumed the drugs were ignored for investigation. Had they been interrogated in a healthy atmosphere the officials could have got more info.

TFI lovers are throwing blame on excise department and Trs party as they feel the celebs were being humiliated by the officials. It was also suspected if the officials are secretely feeling proud for questioning celebs who are far superior to them.

And last but not the least, a nine numbered channel is showing its sadism at peaks with the nonstop coverage on celebs interrogation. They seemed to have stooped to such low levels for TRPs.

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