Shock: Actors Enjoying Negativity?

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Actors Should Not Enjoy with Negativity!

Actors Are Celebrating Negativity!
Actors Are Celebrating Negativity!

Gone are the days where cast and crew of films used to cry in closed doors with the potshots they had received from critics with their films. Furthermore, they immensely would ponder how their mistakes would be rectified with their next projects.

Let's cut that scene and would enter a fresh scene of current scenario. Leaving a shocker to everyone and all, some of the Actors and technical team are seen enjoying on the negativity surround on their films, especially, on social media.


The reasons they cited for their enjoyment are also strange. According to them, in olden days critics would genuinely give advice to the Actors and rest of the team of the film. But then, nowadays, with the emergence of social media, some of the netizens are giving advice to Actors out of ego problems. 

When their reports turned reverse on any film, some netizens started spreading negativity which Actors feel as an artificial negativity on them. 

Every person, in fact, wishes to make others jealous of his success and which is why some Actors treat artificial negativity on them is actually jealousy and which is quite an enjoyable factor to them. 

Wonder what these jealous fActors are also now turned out to be innovative. For an instance, if a movie runs well in all areas and gets bombed on one area, that one area only be showcased in magnifying glass to degrade a film. Yet again, this technique is also being treated as a part of jealousy by the Actors and film's crew.

However, Actors should also be flexible hearing why they are criticized. If at all they found some criticisms are genuine, they should respect them and should get them rectified with their subsequent films. In such cases, they will become mega superstars.