Botsa, Dharmana In Jagan Red List

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Botsa, Dharmana To Be Out From Jagan team

YS Jagan To Oust Botsa, Dharmana
YS Jagan To Oust Botsa, Dharmana

Political strategist Prashanth Kishore’s report is sending shivers down the spine to around 35 members of the opposition YSRCP party. As we know, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy recently requested Prashanth Kishore to do a ground survey on political situation in AP as first exercise towards the upcoming 2019 elections.
Prashanth is known to be a master strategist in analyzing political reality and after tremendous ground work, has submitted a detailed report to Jagan. He is very clear that Botsa Satyanarayana and Dharmana Prasada Rao are useless in the party and their presence will do a great damage in future.
Though Botsa and Dharmana brothers enjoyed influential power during YS Rajashekar Reddy regime, their involvement in various scams and the way they used power for selfish benefits after YSR’s death is well known to the public in Uttarandra region.
Prashant Kishore report had 33 members more in red list but these Uttarandra leaders top the list among most unwanted and waste members in party.
Jagan took this report seriously and is sketching a map on how to take his party forward in order to ensure victory in elections.
In the upcoming plenary committee that is scheduled to take place next month, the prominent members of party are expecting a sea of changes from their leader. This is indeed a very good sign for YSRCP party to have the report in right time as there is two years left for the election.
We think it is time for Chandrababu Naidu as well to have a consensus on position of their leaders and make changes before it gets late.