Love Affair in Super Jodi

Tue 20th Jun 2017 12:18 PM

Huccha Venkat, Rachana reality show love

Huccha Venkat and Rachana - What's the deal
Huccha Venkat and Rachana - What's the deal
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Kannada hero Huccha Venkat consumed phenyl and attempted suicide. He informed media before this act and created huge drama which became explosive news in Sandalwood.

Huccha Venkat revealed that the girl whom he loved and want to get married has rejected him. Hence took this drastic decision.

Huccha Venkat revealed that he and Super Jodi reality show fame Rachana loved each other. But due to Rachana’s parents, she is not accepting her love and rejected the marriage proposal.

However, Rachana denied all the allegations that Venkat made against her and her parents.

Rachana said, she was never in love with Huccha. In spite of me not linking him, Huccha Venkat is forcefully asking me to marry him.

Rachana also told that she is not responsible for Huccha Venkat attempting to commit suicide.

'I didn’t do anything wrong and Huccha Venkat is simply dragging me into this. He is threatening me from past few months to marry him,' she said

It was all good at the start of Super Jodi reality show. After a few days, Rachana realized that Venkat has developed a liking towards her. One day, he proposed Rachana to marry him. She rejected and from that day Venkat is threatening her of all dire consequences.

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