Hebbah, Not A Love Material

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Nag Anvesh reacts on affair with Hebbah

I am not in a relation with Hebbah says another hero
I am not in a relation with Hebbah says another hero

There were many rumors about the alleged relationship between Raj Tarun and Hebbah Patel. However, they denied those rumors openly.

Hebbah earlier said that she has only a professional relationship with Raj and even Raj also expressed the same on his desire to work with Hebbah. 


Raj Tarun added that he just loves the chemistry with Hebbah on screen and will be happy to work with her for another 30 movies if given a chance.

As we know, they have already worked together for Kumari 21F, Eedo Rakam Aado Rakam and Andhagadu. They are recognized as a hit pair in Telugu Industry.

Now, another hero has also come out openly that he is not in a relation with Hebbah Patel.

As soon as we knew that there is nothing brewing between Raj and Patel beauty, it is rumored that Nag Anvesh is the reason.

Freshly, Nag Anvesh has rubbed off all these rumors telling that he is close to Hebbah only on sets and that he doesn’t know anything happened between her and Raj Tarun.

Hebbah and Nag Anvesh are presently working together for Angel.

Nag Anvesh went on to say that Hebbah is his best friend and will remain forever. Overall, these are two breakups for gossipmongers in one season!!