Pawan Never Criticized Us: TDP Leader

Mon 01st May 2017 06:59 AM

Pawan Not Fit to Politics: Somireddy

Pawan Kalyan Not to Fit into Politics Says Somireddy
Pawan Kalyan Not to Fit into Politics Says Somireddy

Somireddy  Chandramohan Reddy happens to be one of the official spokespersons of TDP. He shared some interesting thoughts during his recent media interview. Speaking about Janasena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Somireddy said Pawan Kalyan is a nice gentleman and he would not fit into politics.

"Pawan Kalyan says he couldn't invest in politics and couldn't know whether to get a victory in politics. Never ever has he criticized Government's schemes. I think he is not a good strategist. He says he would be contesting in general elections. Let's see what would be happening," says Somireddy.


Pawan Kalyan is busy completing his ongoing assignment being helmed by ace director Trivikram. He maybe active in politics by mid 2018. Janansena maybe strengthened from gross root level by then. As we know, Janasena formed an alliance with TDP and BJP in 2014's general polls. It remains to be seen whether Janasena chief continues his tie up with both the parties or not.