Mockery on Movie Names: Analysis

Sun 30th Apr 2017 10:52 AM

Fun with Film Titles: Analysis

Mockery with Movie Titles: An Analysis
Mockery with Movie Titles: An Analysis
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Ever since the release of first Indian film 'Raja Harischandra' in 1913, audience would love to watch movies which had appealing content and awe-inspiring performances of the actors. On the contrary, there were critics, who magnified the flaws of the movies which were treated as the lessons for filmmakers. As we know, the same culture exists even today taking its roots spread to even social media.

Understandably, audience used to make a mockery on the Titles of those films which were proved to be duds or highly criticized by the analysts. Following is the list of a few Titles and how they were called by the public and critics.

* Way back in 1968, Vijaya Productions prestigious film 'Uma Chandi Gowri Shankarula Katha' was released and bombed at the box office. As a result, people started calling the movie's name as 'Upma Chatni Gari Sambarla Katha'.

* A senior hero used to act movies consisting double meaning dialogues in his early days of career. One of his movies' title was changed by the public as 'Boothula Krishnayya'.

* Megastar Chiranjeevi's 'Big Boss' was an utter flop then. People changed the film's name as 'Big Loss'. 

* King Nagarjuna's 'Ramudochchadu' became 'Ramudu Poyadu' after it received flop talk on the first day.

* Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 'Bangaram' became 'Iththadi'.

* Prince Mahesh's 'Bobby' film name was changed into 'Baby' given Mahesh's role in the film.

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