Kiara Advani Gets In Touch With Prabhas!

Sat 15th Apr 2017 10:53 AM

Kiara Advani, Prabhas Phone Chatting

Kiara Advani, Prabhas - What's In Message?
Kiara Advani, Prabhas - What's In Message?

‘Baahubali’ is the name which took Prabhas craze to all time peaks making him a dream hero for every girl. While some of the South Indian heroines openly showered their crush for Prabhas, here comes Bollywood beauty Kiara Advani gong one step further secretly sharing and chatting messages with Amarendra Bahubali. 

Yes, Kiara has hit the headlines earlier for being unofficially confirmed as heroine besides Mahesh Babu in ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’ under Koratala Siva direction. Of course, Kiara grew popular in Telugu after this news but messaging Prabhas in secret and getting back a reply made her far more familiar in this part of country.

Kiara Advani actually was seen in MS Dhoni biopic and later attracted the attention in Mumbai film circles for her amazing looks which fell into Koratala Siva eyes. 

The big discussion in young college going girls groups now is, what’s the message Prabhas received from Kiara and what was Prabhas response? No wonder, Prabhas has got that charm to make any girl go down on knees.