What Is This Nude Guess Game?

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Suchitra Suchileaks, Celebrity Names

Who Are The Heroines in Suchileaks?
Who Are The Heroines in Suchileaks?

RJ cum singer Suchitra’s recent posts on Twitter alleged to be the nude videos and personal bedroom photos of few top cinema celebrities is still raking controversies. While Suchitra (or the hacker) has done the job by unveiling filthy stuff with unsure faces (some say the same as morphed), they left a big puzzle in centre for media and public to speculate and discuss on who these cinema heroines actually are?

Just like there’s Telugu saying… ‘Gummadi Kaayala Donga Evadante Bhujalu Thadumukunnaadu,’ we have seen heroine Sanchita Shetty, Dhanush’s sister and few others responded pleading their innocence. Nevertheless, media and few of Tamil audience are still pulling feathers on egg continuing their guess game.

Names of Nayanathara, Shruti Hasan, Andrea Jeremiah and many more are approximated to be the heroines in videos while none knows who they are? Before Twitter and other social networking authorities deleted the drive dump and links of these photos, videos from all sorts of platforms, many of the netizens downloaded them into gadgets, desktops and laptops enjoying the repeated viewing. 

Beyond all these, there are two unsolved questions. One is the authentic information on whether Suchitra posted these or her account is really hacked? Second is, are the names of heroes, heroines mentioned by Suchitra genuine?