Caste References in Telugu Movies

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Caste References in Movies

Caste References in Telugu Films
Caste References in Telugu Films

People of India may witness 'Cashless Society' in future. But one can hardly imagine 'Casteless Society' in India. Every now and then, some of the filmmakers make sure their movies are made with Caste based stories nor Caste references. Following are some of the films or genres of films that have Caste based themes or Caste references.


* We can watch Brahmin Caste's references in many mythological and devotional entertainers. ANR and Nagarjuna's devotional films and K Viswanadh's movies are also shown with the backdrop of Brahmin community and their culture. 

* However, some of the movies questioned Caste system and domination of particular Castes. Movies such as 'Seethakoka Chiluka', 'Sapthapadi' and 'Devalayam' are some of the examples. In fact, this revolution was seen in 'Malapilla' released in 1938.

* In 'Gundamma Katha', when Suryakantham says 'Memu Kaapulam', NTR replies, "Memu Peda Kaapulam'. Same Caste's reference was seen in 'Missmma'.

* 'Justice Chowdary', 'Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary', 'Narasimha Naidu', 'Nuvv Naaku Nachchav' etc. movies have references with Kamma Caste either through the films' titles or through the surnames of the key characters of the films.

* 'Indra', 'Samarasimha Reddy', 'Aadhi' and a few other films have references of Reddy community. 

* Many folklore and fantasy entertainers have 'Kshatriya' community's references. Latest hit 'Shatamanam Bhavati's family belongs to Kshatriya community as the names of the characters end with 'Varma'. 

* Many movies of lord Sri Krishna's life have 'Yaadava' Caste's references.

* In 'Swayamkrushi', Chiranjeevi was shown as a cobbler, who hails from Madhiga community. 

PS: Filmmakers have their own liberty to incorporate the references of various Castes in films. However, they should ensure that no one would  hurt with these inclusions.