Jeevitha Targets Jr NTR

Tue 27th Dec 2016 06:18 AM

Jeevitha Takes a Dig at Contemporary Stars

Jeevitha Worried about Movies without Values
Jeevitha Worried about Movies without Values

Veteran actress Jeevitha lamented contemporary Telugu cinema losing its values. While expressing her concern over for this issue in a media interview, she unexpectedly targeted Young Tiger NTR.

Jeevitha cited a double meaning dialogue from 'Temper' film. "Kukkalu crossing ki vachchayi konchem help chestara?" says Kajal to NTR. And the Young Tiger replies, "Memu crossing ki vachchi chanallaindi..mammalni pattinchukondi". This particular dialogue irked Jeevitha more than like anything. 

Further, Jeevitha wondered heroines doing special songs. "In those day there were separate characters called vamps. Unfortunately, todays heroines are doing vamp roles apart from being heroines," moaned Jeevitha.