Is This Possible With Pawan Kalyan?

Mon 01st Aug 2016 09:34 AM

Pawan Kalyan, Dolly - Can They Do It?

Will Pawan Kalyan Let Dolly To Do His Work?
Will Pawan Kalyan Let Dolly To Do His Work?

Pawan Kalyan doesn’t want to waste even few months of leisure time till November to kick start Trivikram Srinivas film. He is seriously planning to begin the next movie within this August first week. Director Dolly is running all through to meet the demands of his hero like wrapping the script, sketching the schedules and blocking the artist call sheets. 

However, this untitled film known to be Tamil ‘Veeram’ remake will have to pack the production and post production in meager five months time to get the product ready for Pongal release and also let Pawan go free by December to join Trivikram project.


How far Pawan Kalyan’s creative urge will help Dolly in disbursing his directorial duties sincerely is the first question to choke in many minds. As we all know, Pawan had this customary practice of fingering into script, direction and of course every department in film making. Films like ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ were delayed altogether by years due to this basic creativity reason.

Though Dolly is honest at work, he needs collective support from hero to bottom level technicians to meet deadlines. Examining Pawan Kalyan’s track record hitherto, never he offered absolute freedom for his directors. Undoubtedly, producer Sharat Marar and director Dolly should have a Plan B at disposal, in case Pawan Kalyan finds Plan A as incompetent sometime in October or November.