Pawan Should Break the Ice

Tue 02nd Aug 2016 09:32 AM

Pawan Should React on Special Status Issue

Pawan Kalyan Should Speak about AP's Special Status
Pawan Kalyan Should Speak about AP's Special Status

The AP's special status issue has come to its climax. As we know, the BJP is playing role of a villain quite meticulously on this issue. May it be due to 'vote for note' scam or to avoid rivalry with the BJP, the TDP's head Chandrababu Naidu takes AP special status agitations light. He, himself, called for TDP's activists to go soft measures while protesting for special status. 

Incidentally, the TDP's head asked the party's workers to clean the roads, which further, supports the PM's prestigious program 'Swach Bharat'. On the other hand, the Congress, YSR CP and a few other political parties have intensified their protests seeking special category status to AP state.

At this framework, Power Star Pawan Kalyan, who extended his support to BJP in 2014's general elections, needs to play a crucial role now. He should speak at least now to resolve the biggest issue. And his word of mouth will have a huge impact on the union government. Perhaps, he seems to be waiting for the poll to be conducted on special status in parliament on 5th of this month. Let's wait and see what decision would be taken by Pawan Kalyan thereafter.